ArcCom - Arc-Com Fabrics, Inc., is a leading textile supplier in the contract industry. Over the past 35 years our reputation has been built on customer satisfaction, value added products and solutions and timely completion of products.


Lite Source - Lite Source Inc -


Maharam - Maharam, a fourth generation family-run business, celebrated its centennial in 2002. First renowned as a supplier of theatrical textiles, in the 1960s Maharam pioneered the contract textile concept, developing engineered textiles for commercial application. Though performance is an essential element of every product, Maharam continues to create innovative textiles through the exploration of pattern, material and technique.


Masland Contract - Masland Contract offers you eNeRGy, a collection of high styled commercial products designed to perform.


Momentum - The mission of Momentum Group is to create textiles that inspire and equip our customers to execute great work for their clients. We are individually and collectively committed to superior service and operational excellence.


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